Monday, May 1, 2017

It's been pretty good!

This week we did a lot of preparation for moving the apartment, and working in other places.  It's been pretty good!  Found a new investigator, who didn't come to his appointment, and we got a referral from some elders that came here for the Elder Choi conference.  The referral had taken lessons about 26 years ago and came to church, but stopped.  Now it's our turn.  We'll be meeting with him this Wednesday.  Looking forward to it!

Also, tomorrow and the day after, President Nagano will be coming in, tomorrow being Zone Conference and the day after for interviews.  Last week was supposed to be temple pday, and I emailed on Tuesday like a normal temple pday.  But, the Sunday night of two weeks ago, right before we went to bed, the assistants sent out an announcement from the missionary board that temple pdays are to be once every other transfer now, so my last temple pday got moved up fast.  Gotta prepare myself to do it all in Japanese.

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