Monday, March 27, 2017

leaving and arriving on August 18th!!!

The past three days or so have actually been a lot of rain.  It does look like the rest of this week won't rain as much, but I know we're only about 3 months away from the rainy season.

It will be about August 18, yeah.....that's the day we get on the plane, and I think the way the Prime Meridian works it will still be August 18th that I arrive (back home).

The English classes over here are effective, just not for every missionary.  There's a couple that want to learn but, but the ones that do in this area are working with the other elders or sisters.  Though recently there has been such a huge push on the English classes that I sometimes can't tell if I'm a missionary teaching English, or an English teacher that's just a really active member missionary.  ;)

My companion and district are ok.  It's the leadership district, so it's hard for it to not be ok.  :)

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