Monday, March 27, 2017

leaving and arriving on August 18th!!!

The past three days or so have actually been a lot of rain.  It does look like the rest of this week won't rain as much, but I know we're only about 3 months away from the rainy season.

It will be about August 18, yeah.....that's the day we get on the plane, and I think the way the Prime Meridian works it will still be August 18th that I arrive (back home).

The English classes over here are effective, just not for every missionary.  There's a couple that want to learn but, but the ones that do in this area are working with the other elders or sisters.  Though recently there has been such a huge push on the English classes that I sometimes can't tell if I'm a missionary teaching English, or an English teacher that's just a really active member missionary.  ;)

My companion and district are ok.  It's the leadership district, so it's hard for it to not be ok.  :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

It was fun and went pretty well

This past week has been fun.  We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, which took all the day, and then on Wednesday we used all the time we had to complete this sign that we use for advertising our English classes.  We tried it out a few days ago and it went pretty well.

It's interesting that no matter what one's position is in the church, each calling is focused on the same outcome, bringing others to Christ.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

keeping busy and feeling blessed

I have thought about going into Japanese when I get back, but I don't know how deep I'll go into it.

I will be meeting with the Mission President tomorrow.  We have Zone Conference, and then the day after we will have interviews.

In mid April we'll get to do a conference with one of the Area Presidency.  Looking forward to it.

One of our investigators that said he'd come to church didn't come, and when I messaged him asking if he had work that day, he replied only with "sorry" and nothing passed that.  But, on the other hand, one of our investigators came back from no contact to meeting with us, and being able to contact us.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Transfer comp and I are staying in the apartment, but he is becoming the zone leader, so pretty much I am just switching desks.  Next companion is Elder Watabe.  He's half Japanese and one transfer above me.

lost one, met another

The work is going....  Lost an investigator, met another investigator for the first time since the street.  He's an interesting guy...seems to have some sort of social disability, but is really interested in the message. Looked stuff up on Mormons, and since he didn't immediately drop all contact with us, that's a positive.  Haven't worked with Chinese people in a while, but they are fairly prevalent within the missionary teaching pool.