Monday, February 6, 2017

Saitama Zone Conference photo February 2017

Change is Good

The changes (he talked about last week) are ok.  There really is so much less stress, not stretching in so many different ways to get members present lessons, less active lessons, and new investigators.  We still do those, but now that it's doing it literally just to help them and not for numbers is a lot better.  And there is so much time to adequately rest on P-day.  Really a day to prepare mentally and physically, along with apartment-ally.

As for the work, we have been really pushing as a mission to start up more English teaching programs so that we can achieve the vision that President Nagano and the Area Presidency have for us.  This past week was the official start for it in Urawa, and it went really well.  And while not connected to the mission school stuff, there's a less active youth who is no longer less active now.  He's the son of the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, and the whole family except the mother is a convert.  The son really participates in church activities and it was great yesterday to see him prepare the Sacrament.

I'd say my fitness level is doing fairly well.  We still do exercise every morning except Sunday and Monday. We still do Monday exercise, it's just not a necessary thing anymore.  Still thinking about doing p90x with or without you when I get back.  Prefer with you, but that's all on how you feel.

This past week has been a lot of meetings and scheduling things.  We found two new investigators, who are both pretty cool.  Look forward to how they continue doing.