Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

(sorry this hasn't been updated in a few weeks.....)

Yeah, next week I'll email you all with when we'll do the Skype
call. Once again, I'm using another area's Skype account. It really is
strange that i'll be 20. I was musing it over today and thinking how,
even though i'm already an adult by American standards, i'm not by
Japanese standards, and how even by American standards, being 20 is
like another level of adulthood. though with +20 years on me, you've
probably thought about stuff like that many times.

This week actually we have a FHE with Spanish and Portuguese speakers,
so if i don't learn a new language, I'll be relying on my companion to
translate for me.

Unfortunately, our deaf investigator more or less put everything on
hold until at least January.

Anyways, I love you all and I hope that this week things'll be good
for you all. 

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