Tuesday, January 31, 2017

B.I.G. changes!!!!

As of last week the missionary schedule got changed hard core, and Pday gets a lot of changes to it.  It used to be that we'd study for 2 and a half hours starting at 8 am, do shopping, cleaning, emailing, and relaxing before 6 pm, and then work (or move the 3 hours of work to other times and do other things at that time).  But now we get up at 6:30 am like normal, but we are finished with study by 8 and from then until 6 we can do whatever is in the rules.  So, today we got pizza and watched The Testaments, Legacy and stuff like that for relaxing.

To explain more of the missionary stuff changing, (in case you haven't heard about it from missionaries in your area) missionaries plan in the morning, personal study, have 30 extra minutes before 10 am then can choose between continuing study, having a half hour lunch, or working.  Dinner remains an hour, then return at 9 to go straight to journal and sleep prep, and can choose as a companionship to go to sleep anywhere between 9:30 and 10:30.  Being in the area with the zone leaders it was funny to see their reactions.

I translated again yesterday too.  They seem to be trusting my ability more and more, because the first week the speaker looked over to me to translate every couple words, but yesterday the speaker said a 2 minute sentence and then paused.  It was fun.

Yeah, the temple cleaning was fun.  In 2 hours I and my cleaning buddy (not my companion) only got through one row of lockers, but then they fed us Dominoes pizza and all we could drink root beer.

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