Thursday, January 26, 2017

a 3rd language is hard!! (from January 23rd email)

The Portuguese is so hard to pick up, even when I try to learn.  It doesn't match the grammar system that I know in two languages, so I struggle through 2 grammatical mazes to understand how something in Portuguese or Spanish works.

We actually started this week off with going to the temple to help them clean.  Was pretty crazy.  This past week has been a lot of meetings in trying to get new English school programs started within the ward.  So busy, never resting.  We actually passed through the mission home today to give some stuff to the office, and Sister Nagano was there and told us that we really need to find some time to get some good relaxation on Pdays, which we haven't really.  I've also become the official unofficial translator for our international group.  The past two weeks I've had to translate a talk from Japanese to English.  That's stressful.

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