Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov 14th.....there's a hole!!!!

(from Nov 14th)

Our hard-working missionary has worn through a pair of shoes!!  He was able to get them fixed instead of buying a new pair.  Good job being a thrifty missionary!!

Nov 28th....another big earthquake and a little snowball

(from Nov 28th)

The earthquake was pretty fun (speaking of the 7.3 off the eastern side of Japan northeast of Tokyo), and sign language is so difficult.  Of course, it is sign language for my second (foreign) language so it should be, but its still so crazy.

Yeah, we've been so busy, but in an ironic way we've been super busy with just a bunch of missionary stuff, not super interesting, just stuff.

It's snowed Thanksgiving morning (he sent a short video of his companion making a little snowball and throwing it at another missionary).

Nov to Urawa and another foreign language ------->

(update from Nov 22nd)

I got moved to the area next door, Urawa, where I've found use for the little knowledge of sign language that I have.  We have a deaf investigator, and it's pretty fun!!