Monday, October 24, 2016

favorite food and a really cool conference

(we had asked him if he eats mostly rice or noodles there....)

Still eat a lot of rice stuff over here, usually something on top of the rice.  Absolute favorite food here is Katsudon, or pieces of pork cutlets friend and put on rice, with egg, onion and some really tasty sauce.  I plan to learn how to make it and then when I come back, treat you all to real Japanese cuisine.

The Elder Bednar conference was really cool.  It was 1 hour of him asking us what we learned from the talks he asked us to read, with people volunteering to talk about it and then him helping them think deeper about it.  Then it was 2 hours of Q/A, where the first guideline he gave for that was "whatever question you have written down to ask, forget about it", then just taught us how to ask inspired questions.

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