Monday, August 29, 2016

bike is fixed, blood washed out, holes sewn up....

Bike wreck was pretty fun.  The bike did cost a third of what I bought it for to fix it, but it's all good now. Just got it out of the shop today, just in time for the first arm of the new typhoon to come on over and make the ways muddy for the new tire to stop looking new.  I did get all the blood to come out of the shirt i was wearing when it happened, and sewed the holes up.  

We are VERY thankful our missionary son was watched over and protected....I'm sure it could have been much worse!  A fellow missionary friend ended up with an ambulance ride (with a very sore foot, cuts and scrapes) after his bike wreck last week on a downhill, slippery road.  Thankfully he's fine now as well.  =D

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