Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a BIG bear hug!!!! ♡

Elder Abercrombie and his companion (in the white shirt holding his jacket) visited another ward's baptism last weekend.  The lady in the photo above lives in Japan and loves taking photos of the missionaries to send to their moms. She is also a member of the Tokyo Japan Missionary Moms and Dads Facebook page.  She said as soon as she heard his name she told him "I know your mom on Facebook" and he laughed.  She asked if he had a message she could relay to me.  His message was "hey mom".  

After a year of "paying it forward", taking photos of missionaries in our ward and sending it to their moms, I finally got a photo of my missionary!!!!  =D   I was SO HAPPY to see this photo Sunday morning when I woke up!!  She said she hugged their ward's "soon to be" Elder (4th from the left) who will be entering the MTC the end of the month and serving in the Orem, Utah mission, then he hugged Elder Abercrombie for me....a huge bear hug.  I emailed Elder Abercrombie about seeing the photo from this lady and told him I hoped the big bear hug didn't crush him too bad.  He clarified the details.  " I gave Shohei a crushing hug, and lifted him up".  Yep, sounds like him!!!  

now, from Elder Abercrombie's email.....

Elder Christensen is easy to get along with, and he's only one transfer ahead of me, so we'll be celebrating year marks twice together. It's fairly humid, but it's not that bad. I can't remember really, but did Texas get humidity?  No, we don't usually grab ice cream, usually stop inside a 7-eleven and grab a drink, or get one from the many vending machines on the streets.

(I told him about Lewis' growth spurt and being 6 inches taller now since December, but not gaining weight)....  As for Lewis, maybe having him exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, whatever. While I wasn't as small as him, I was kinda like that where I didn't put on weight unless I was growing. But then I became a missionary and started working out everyday except Sunday, and I've put on about 11 pounds. The food wasn't really the difference. At the moment, I'm again not putting on or loosing any weight, but I really think it was the muscle build that changed it.

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