Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Musical Monday

For P-Day this week, Elder Abercrombie was able to travel to Tokyo and attend the BYU Hawaii Choir Concert.  
He ran into someone he knew when he was little, when we lived in Illinois!!!!   
The Rogers family was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base for a couple years when we lived there. We were VERY EXCITED when we found out Tanner had been called to serve in Colter's same mission!!!!  =D  We hoped they'd be able to meet up at some point since Tanner's MTC entrance date was the DAY AFTER Colter flew off to Tokyo!!  ;)  We're SO GLAD they were able to meet up at the concert.  =D  

Monday, June 20, 2016

off to the heat....

Yeah, last week was crazy just on not having enough time to do emails.
We did just get transfer calls today, and I am transferring. I won't
say any more than that, as it seems you've gotten good at hunting me
down through other people's Facebook pages. I will say that as I was sent
to the coldest part of the mission for the winter, I'm getting sent to
one of the hottest parts of the mission for the summer. It is starting
to get hot. 86 F with 100% humidity.

I love the Japanese food. The only problem I have is that I can't
cook, or really don't have time to learn how to cook, so the only way I can
get Japanese food is by eating out.

However, Happy Father's Day! (if it's any consolation, I would choose
to call between Mother's and Father's day, but I can't get that

Monday, June 13, 2016

ko ni chi wa! :)

I'm doing fine. I've found myself in a position where I'm practically
the best at Japanese in the tri-panionship, and old companions that
have gone back home are emailing me in Japanese. Trying to keep up
with English is hard. But yes, the days are long and the weeks are
short. It's always a shock when weekly planning comes around and we
realize that a whole week passed away before we could blink

Thursday, June 2, 2016

couple of group photos from May 2016

small group photo with Elders Masterson, Merrill, Aiken, Moore and Wilkes....

how fast can you find him in this photo??  ;)