Monday, March 28, 2016

back to the temple!! (now that he's near Tokyo again)

Yep, got to go to the temple today, and met my trainer again there, to his surprise.  I also was able to get the package sent by Elder Grosh's mum, please tell him to thank his mum for me.  (Elder Grosh is serving in our ward here in San Antonio and we've taken things to him and fed him and his companion.  Sister Grosh wanted to do something nice for Elder Abercrombie in return for our taking care of her son here.)

I have not been able to get a new (Japanese CTR) ring, the place seems to just be closed.  However, I was able to buy a book for Japanese sign language.  Woah, I forgot that after Kathryn graduates, I'm only a few months from being back.  That makes it all look way shorter, yikes!

One of our investigators wants to get baptized, he just doesn't have his parents support.  After another year, he'll be able to do it himself.

Yeah, things are going well here.

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