Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 1 in Nagaoka, with Elders Han and Kashiwa

"As for where I am, I'm pretty sure I'm in the mountains.  I'm in a place called Nagaoka.  It's a small little branch and pretty spread out area.  A few days ago we were on our bikes for 4 total hours and all we really only visited 2 members of the branch.  Those were the 2 whom we had set out to visit.

Speaking of 2, that's how many companions I have.  One is named Elder Han, from South Korea.  Fluent in English, Korean (of course}, Spanish and Japanese.  He has 2 transfers left, so a little after I hit my 7 month mark, he'll be returning home.  The other is Elder Kashiwa, native Japanese.  His English level is pretty much my Japanese level so it's real fun."

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