Monday, December 14, 2015

week from Ushiku

Language is still fun. One person we attempt to teach we can only talk to when we find him physically. Then we have two part member families. One of them has a non-member and the other family has a less active.

While I don't really have any pictures of the apartment, here's a picture of the DAIBUTSU statue (top photo) and a picture of Mt. Fuji from really far away.

Monday, December 7, 2015

week 16....a bit of rice.....

In general, the work is slow and those we teach are very interesting. Life here is really interesting too. Today we had to get some rice cleaned before cooking it......

week 16.....Testimony building and success

We asked if he had bought a coat yet, how he was doing with the food there, and how the teaching was going.....

The weather really isn't that bad yet. As for food, we eat whatever really cheap stuff we can get on p-day shopping and while relying on the mercy of the members in what they donate to the missionaries. Yesterday we got stew ingredients, grapefruits, and some soybean paste candies.

We're teaching a couple of people, and each one is a very interesting experience. We actually missed an appointment with one of them, and we have no means of talking with him and scheduling an appointment except for when we meet him. So that was a funny testimony builder when we prayed by name to meet him, we met another person by the same name at the place we usually meet him, and then when we returned to that location later that day we met the usual one.

I guess closest to success was yesterday when we were doing a lesson and after the lesson the member told me "「アバ長老の日本語は上手です。日本人ぽい。なんか、日本人のように日本語を話します。」" Basically, that my Japanese was really good and that it sounded more like a native Japanese than most other foreign missionaries. That was kinda cool.