Tuesday, November 24, 2015

week 14....First Temple Pday

Elder Abercrombie reported last week that they got two P-days for Temple Week.  They had a normal Monday P-day. Then on that Wednesday they went to the temple and enjoyed a session in English since most of the missionaries are English speaking. The Japanese Elders had to get the translation.  Almost immediately after the session, they did new missionary training.

He told me that the hand-written letter I had sent him took two weeks to get to him.  He said sending emails is just fine instead of spending money on stamps since they're able to read emails daily, but can only respond on P-day.  =D

He told us peanut butter does not exist in Japan, and he's okay with that, but the foreign missionaries go bananas for peanut butter now.  He asked us to send him bagged cereal (he's referring to the Malt o Meal cereals) instead of peanut butter!  ;)  Thankfully we have good friends down in Okinawa on the Marine Base so I contacted her and she is sending a big box of several cereals to him!!!  =D

He also talked about their biking experience.....they do equal train/bike now, though more train because they're in a small little area and it's easier to meet people to talk to on the train and at the station.

They only do one missionary meeting at church, they call it the DCS, which is the missionary organization meeting.

Everyone definitely has a little problem with his name, so most just use the Japanese name for the Abercrombie and Fitch store, Abakuro.  ;)

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