Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 12....First email from Tokyo!!!

We anxiously awaited that first email from "the mission field" Sunday as we watched the clock and got excited when it was 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon for us, knowing it was 6:30 am in Tokyo and it was time for Elder Abercrombie to get up and enjoy his first P-day in Tokyo.....remember they are 15 hours ahead of us. ;) 

We had no idea how long we'd have to stay up to hear from him.  Sure enough, his email came in just after 9:30 pm, which was just after noon for him.  ;) 

His first area is Ushiku, just northeast of Tokyo.  He bought a pretty cool bike, but hasn't had the chance to ride it very much yet.  He said the apartment is pretty interesting.  There's not enough room in the "tatami" room for his futon so he sleeps in the study room and they keep the doors open. The weather is good, no need for cold weather gear yet.  (He always loved cold weather better than warm weather!!)  Church was fun, giving a introduction in terrible Japanese was not so fun.  ;) 

We should be getting photos soon from the Assistants to the Mission President.  As soon as the Assistants upload the photos, the mission secretary will send them to us.  =D  We are VERY EXCITED to see our son with his training companion!!!! 

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