Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 12.....An UNEXPECTED & AWESOME surprise!

Our wonderful missionary son called from the SLC Airport!!!!!

I was very surprised since he had just told us on Thursday, the few days before, that he would just call from Portland. 

I asked if he was at a payphone so I could call him back.  He said no, some member lady just handed him her phone so he could call me while she went to use the restroom!

I was driving so I put him on speaker phone until I could pull over. We enjoyed a nice little 10 minute visit then he said he needed to go find the lady and give her phone back.  :)

When I got home, I called her back to thank her for letting him call me. She said she was confused looking at her phone with an Illinois phone number when he told her we were in Texas. She had taken his photo but didn't know which phone number to send it to.  She told me her son had recently returned from the Mexico City mission and she was really excited to see our son at the airport!!!!!  =D

We were THRILLED with the perfect timing when Johnathan came home for lunch and his phone rang just as he was pulling in the driveway.  It was from 503....Oregan area code, YEAH!!!!  He was calling from a payphone this time and was quite happy that no one was waiting in line behind him so were able to enjoy a nice long visit!!  =D

We had followed his SLC to Portland flight using the Flightview app.  We were quite happy being able to follow the rest of his journey to Tokyo, over the ocean, using the Flightstats app!  GOTTA LOVE MODERN TECHNOLOGY!!!!  ;) 

We are anxiously looking forward to Skyping with our Elder Abercrombie at Christmas!!!! 

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