Thursday, October 15, 2015

week 8.....they all looked too good to just pick one.......

So, funny day this week all the different lunches look pretty good, so I grabbed all of them.  Doing this made it rather short on time to eat it I got smart.....and yes, it was rather tasty!!!   A cookie, chicken, seasoned chicken, roast beef, cheetos and fries.......yes, many people got grossed out!  ;)

Also saw this sign.....with a bunch of wires behind it......

Monday, October 5, 2015

week from a little while back.....oops

(we were waiting for more photos to be sent before posting his little bit of news from a while back....from September 24th....)

Well, it's been real fun this past week. We got a new bunch of "kouhai" yesterday.  This Sunday we and another district will be doing the tower challenge.  We're going to empty an entire tower of cereal and eat it all.  It's honestly crazy how much Japanese we're learning.

Sorry Sensei, but after the three years, I have learned so much more here than with you.  Apologies.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

week 7....the Tokyo adventure has been delayed a bit......

-----news from Thursday October 1st-----

Well, the past week was pretty fun. On Friday, September 9th, my left lung ruptured.

Two days later I did the tower challenge with my zone.

Yesterday I found out I'm going to have to stay for at least 32 more days.

the cereal tower challenge....